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2022 Education Officer Chris Hoover,AP

(567) 343-0251. email:

About our Classes:

Our Instructors are experienced Sail and Power Boaters. Teaching a Basic Boating Course to the Public is a Traditional Civic Service of the United States Power Squadrons®. The Toledo Power Squadron has been offering this civic service for over 65 years.

Those born after 01 January 1982 are required to take a Boating Course, or pass a proficiency test to operate watercraft in the Sate of Ohio. Certificates awarded upon passing a proctored exam or test.

Listed below are the classes that we offer to the general public.

If you are already a member check
out the classes offered to our members.

Click Here for more information on our Seamanship class, which is available to all members

America's Boating Course

      Our flagship class available to the public is called America's Boating Course. America's Boating Course is an excellent way for new boaters to learn the rules and regulations necessary to operate a boat safely. It is also a great way for experienced boaters to brush up on new rules and regulations. The Squadron Boating Course is offered at no charge. However, it is recommended that you purchase the text book and navigation tools, which are offered the first night of class. This text book and navigation tools can be shared between couples. Please contact our assistant education officer Phyllis Zibbel at (419)261-9060 or email her for further information.

Click here for a list of our current ABC classes

GPS Seminar


      We offer our GPS seminar to the public and our members alike. You are welcome to take this class, even if you do not own a boat! Outdoor enthusiasts new to GPS or interested in enhancing their existing skills, consistently find our GPS seminar informative and friendly. You are welcome to take the seminar if you do not own a GPS unit, although you will find the seminar more rewarding if you bring your own. We may be able to help you understand that particular model. Some of the instructors may bring their personal handheld GPS for demonstration and practice.


Weather Seminar

    While not a course in weather, this seminar explains how just using your own senses can help you determine what conditions you will encounter where you are. By all means, a forecast is important. It will tell you what weather systems are headed your way, but they are challenged to tell exactly where and when conditions will change. Add your own observations and you have an extra edge. Add a couple of instruments and you can verify your observations. The seminar explains weather systems, how to understand clouds and their changes, using changing wind direction, temperature, and pressure to hone in on emerging weather fronts. The seminar includes an excellent book Fundamentals of Weather written by the Canadian Power amd Sail Squadrons, and the McGraw-Hill On Board Weather Forecasting waterproof Captain’s Quick Guide to take aboard your boat.

VHF & VHF/DSC Marine Radio Seminar

VHF radio is the mainstay of coastal communication and essential for emergency communications. Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is rapidly becoming a reality as more Coast Guard Rescue 21 System operations go live. Currently, the mid Atlantic coast is operational with DSC. The Gulf region will be operational early next year and all Cutters will be DSC equipped by next year.DSC vastly simplifies and improves rescue and routine call signaling – making it easier to make a call while the system frees up Channel 16 for essential communications. However, you need to know how to use it. This seminar answers those needs and explains basic VHF operation. A CD is included with a DSC Simulator that allows you to practice on your computer at home. A handy waterproof McGraw-Hill Captain’s Quick Guide Using VHF is included with essential information that you should have aboard, which will explain to anyone on your crew how to use the radio.Your insurance company may offer a discount on rates on your boat insurance upon completion of one of our courses.

New – Marine Electronic Navigation Seminar

The Electronic Navigation course is a good introduction to navigation using electronic tools and is suitable for experienced as well as novice boaters with basic charting knowledge. It focuses on navigating with electronic tools, rather than on navigation systems hardware.


Here’s how: Every time that you complete a USPS Education course, and every year your boat passes a Vessel Safety Check, you can earn credit on your premium. Call the USPS Boat Insurance Program Service Department @ 1-800-763-8777, option #2, and tell the representative you’ve completed an additional course, or Fax your new VSC form to 205-581-9447. Here are some examples:

Basic Courses Credit
Seamanship 2.5%
Piloting 2.5%
Advanced Piloting 2.5%
N/Full Certificate 2.5%
Marine Electronics 2.5%
Engine Maintenance 2.5%
Weather 2.5%
Sail 2.5%
Annual VSC Certificate 3.0%


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